Video Factor helps business owners to modernise online marketing strategy with the use of intelligent, cost effective techniques to attract, influence and convert new customers using video marketing and other modern tools.

We combine online strategy, video production and Google/Facebook advertising to ensure your message gets seen by the right audiences at a favourable price.

We do this by combining combine affordable video creation with the power of Google, LinkedIn and Facebook.

We  unlock valuable insights from Google/Facebook  about your industry and your best customers. Knowing how your best 
customers  thinks and acts before she makes decisions, helps us craft better communication for different stages of the buying cycle.

This is what we mean by "modern marketing"

This approach takes "machine learning" and "artificila intelligence" to help refine your message to achieve better results and lower costs.
We have found that "videos" are ideal work to track what messages best attract and convert your prospects.
The good news is that we have removed all the traditional obstacles that prevent business owners from embracing video.
We can get you going to create videos in just a few minutes with absolutely zero prior video experience...

Video Factor is a one-of-kind marketing agency driven by the following core values:




Results Driven




Industry Specific Solutions    


Data Driven 

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